Anonymous said: Opinion on Sam Ray

i am like his mother

Anonymous said: what do you think of the new emperor x album?

i need to listen to it but it’s probably great

Anonymous said: I feel like you guys get asked about Glocca Morra once a day at least

Because that band is great.


itsmorelikeamessage said: Opinion on Ricky eat acid

Sam Ray

Anonymous said: Thoughts on Glocca Morra?

They kept getting better and better. Really didn’t like the twinkle LP. It took a while but when Ghoul Intentions hit me it fucking HIT ME. I listened to that EP so often over a 2 year period. It took their last LP some time to really click with me too but I love it as well. 

Anonymous said: Opinions on Tera Melos?

One of my favorite bands. I like the two newest LP’s best. The live videos for - Slimed- and - When Worms Learn To Fly- for Cock and Bull TV on YouTube are great. Also the Glass House Session live video for 40 Rods is A+.


shugazing said: whoever told you to listen to the battle of hampton roads first is a fucking dingus, try listening to titus andronicus by titus andronicus, its short and great i love it

I saw them open for Los Campesinos in like 2008. I liked it live but couldn’t really get into the recordings.


Anonymous said: anyone fuck with Converge?

maybe over half of us

daytonastatecollege said: what's your favorite game show

- derrick

Anonymous said: hell yeah "your little hoodrat friend" is an amazing song. and it's my favorite song on tony hawk's project 8

I think tony hawk 2 was the last time I played a skateboarding video game
- derrick

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