Anonymous asked: Cloud Nothings

My partner really likes them. She saw them at union transfer and said a bunch of teens started a cool push pit to them


Happy record store day


Happy record store day

Getting Sodas
The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die
Whenever, If Ever

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Last time I saw The World Is

The Democracy Center 4/06/12

Anonymous asked: LISTEN TO DREAM CASTE

I do

ondryass asked: Whenever, if ever, will you guys come to Australia? (lol)

Fall 2015

Anonymous asked: derrick puts the 'hot' in 'shanhotzler-dvorak'

But you spelled it wrong

artunknown asked: Any advice for a aspiring singer/songwriter?

Get a band

Anonymous asked: Are there any band that you would recommend listening to?

Bedhead, Rozwell Kid, Shrine Builder, Ghost to Falco, For Everest

Anonymous asked: do you guys still talk to thomas? if so, send him my regards.

Yes, we are still very close. I am releasing a bunch of sinforiano diaz stuff this year on broken world media.

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