So our LP isn’t done yet, but we should be finishing it up. To make it even less likely that we finish it we have some shows booked. Notice a few changes here and there. Chicago’s location got moved. Also, PLEASE NOTE. Self Defense Family are now playing Brooklyn, Boston, and we will be joining them in Burlington on Jan 13th. 

Help us spread the word on these shows if you can. I’ve included facebook events, etc. Excited to see you all soon!

Posted 18 12 2012

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    Everyone should go to this show tonight, $5, no excuses.
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    YES YES YES DOING THIS YES cannnot think of a better way to spend my birthday
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    TOUR STARTS RIGHT NOW. Well as soon as stupid Empire Empire is done practicing in the basement. We’re gonna make Keith...
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    Stoked for our show with all of them in Grand Rapids!
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    I love that there are two Jeff Lemire flyers on here. I made mine before I saw the last swear jar one! I swear!
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    Someone’s been reading Essex County.
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    Can’t wait for you guys to come to the UK
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    jan 10th yalll
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    no good bands ever come to floriduh ugh
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    BROOKLYN LETSSGOOOO!!!! more excited for this than friggin christmas and break and life!!
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