So our record leaked on and now I have shitheads harassing me about trying to get rid of the leak. I drank a bunch of gin and wrote the following in reply to some post about me being a shithead. If you have followed my tumblr for a while you know that I most certainly promote leaks. Fuck, I leaked American Radass, that most recent Circle Takes the Square Record, the most recent mewithoutYou record, and even more recently a new Self Defense Family EP. I really don’t give a shit. Download everything illegally.

The following post is in response to multiple users of stating that they will not be buying our record because we tried to get the leak taken down.

idk, everyone who wants it should have it but like some people don’t want it to be out there for free. that makes sense to me. i think the leak fine but some people (record label dudes) fret hard about that shit and then in turn, i get shit for it. do whatever you want, don’t come see us, don’t buy our record. that is fine.

i think it makes complete sense that a record label that spends a ton of money on a record, makes plans for the release, then tries to make sure it doesn’t leak is completely rational. these are people that run a business / make a living off of their passion, music. these aren’t capitalist monsters exploiting your interest to make an ungodly amount of money. these are broke ass dudes in Boston that live in shitty apartments with terrible people like Greg Horbal. obviously they are going to stress out about one of their releases getting leaked and negatively effecting the way they do business. idk why there is this sense of entitlement when it comes to shit like this. you have the fucking record early don’t you?

had the album been released when topshelf had planned to release it, we would have offered it for free / pay-what-you-want like every release we had before. we still will. that is the way this band has always operated.

i run a record label as well and all of our release are free digitally (unless specifically requested by the band).

the record is out there, nothing we can do about and i’m extremely stoked that people can finally hear this record. obviously topshelf has given up on their attempts to squash the leak. i’ve been yelled at constantly for sending it people before it’s release. i really don’t give a shit about it being out.

my only concern is the wonderful people who help me fulfill my dream of being in a band full time are pissed that the record was leaked. keep your money, totally cool with me. the leak is probably my fault anyway.

if there is anything else twiabp related that anyone would have any interest in will gladly upload it and share it.

i don’t see any money from topshelf’s sale of the record. the money we make on the record comes from someone buying our copies at shows. we get a percentage of each pressing for free and sell those at shows. if you catch me drunk i will probably give it you (especially if you talk to me about The White Octave). any pleas for you to buy the digital have come from either topshelf or the shittier members of the band (Greg Horbal).

i don’t think a record leaking is going to effect the sale of records at our shows. only a fucking dipshit is going to refuse to buy a vinyl record because they have the mp3s. that is not the concern. i don’t fucking care. i’ve always downloaded leaks, shared them, helped leak records, and a been part of sites like this. i’m not in anyway opposing an operation like in anyway.

i never buy digital releases. if a record is on bandcamp without the option to download it for free i use the firefox plug-in “net video hunter” to download it for free. i am not attacking the act of downloading free music. what kind of fucking loser would do that? it’s not like anyone got a court order or took legal action against this. it was members of the band and the people that run topshelf asking politely to not have our record leak for completely rational reasons.

i reported the torrent because a bunch of mother fuckers are on my shit about our record leaking and want to try and stop it. those mother fuckers, are great mother fuckers, that do great things, and i am more obligated to be on their side than a bunch of other mother fuckers who are pissed at me for trying to stop the leak of my music that a lot of people worked really fucking hard on.

sorry that i’m such a fucking terrible person, jesus fucking christ.

If you know me well, I probably sent you this record. I have probably sent you every fucking thing that TWIABP has ever done. It is something that I put my entire fucking being into and I only want people to be able to hear it and enjoy it.

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Posted 16 5 2013

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    Greg is still a dick. JK i like you guys.
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    Derrick is one of the nicest dudes who once chugged an entire beer under five seconds in front of me. You can’t unsee...
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